Winter! YAY!

Who enjoys winter? I think that Winter is so amazing. When it starts to snow, it is beyond magical. There is a warmth in the air, even though it is 34 degrees outside. Winter has a special way of making us feel special. I love to enjoy the snow outside and then go inside to have a warm bowl of soup, it is spectacular, you should give it a try. Winter does not have to be harsh, by appreciating this pure season, we can see the glory of it.

From what I have seen, people love winter because of the snow. As humans, we love building snowman’s, dancing in the snow, sledding, snow boarding, etc. When this awesome season is here, activities are in full swing. Maybe you love reading a lot during wintertime since it is so cold outside, I agree with you. Either way we choose to enjoy winter, it is a phenomenal, great time to enrich our minds. People’s spirits are lifted because they are also thinking of the Holidays, the wonderful or not so wonderful time that they will spend with their family. Either way, winter is to be rejoiced, it warms our heart in a unique way!

Winter is here to stay, Earth is not getting rid of winter so, why not make the best of itWhat about all the places where winter is there all year long? I wonder how those people feel….I wonder if they really, really love winter or, are they longing to experience all four different seasons?

To find out, stay tuned for interviews.

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