Wonderful, Abundant Sun

The sun does not discriminate whatsoever, it is an amazing ball of sunlight. The sun is so beneficial to our health, it is not a coincidence that homes have windows. The sun shines brightly for us, it makes us stronger. Because the sun is so bright, it makes us brighter, smarter. The sun rays come and touch us one by one, making us feel more alive. People love sunshine, people love sunbathing because it wakes up their joyful spirit.

The sun gives everything and everyone so much life; the grass rises up to meet with the sun’s rays, birds flock together by it, the clouds embrace it, water reflects it. Nature thrives when the sun is around, people are more optimistic when they are in the presence of sunlight. The world is at peace because sunshine shines with all its might to make us more content.

How do we thank the sun for all that it does for us? What can we do so that the sun knows that we appreciate its warmth? From my experience, I have literally thanked the sun for being such a big part of our life. A simple thank you goes such a long way, such a long way. We can write articles, books, music about the sun and all its wonder. We can incorporate the sun in artwork, we can paint it, draw it, take photos of it and dedicate the album to The Sun.

Bring The Sun in, with this awesome  Vector Sun – 12″W x 12″H – Peel and Stick Wall Decal by Wallmonkeys


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