What I love about Summer is that, when it starts, the temperature is just right. Summer is a very playful time, great time to enjoy the outdoors. Summer inspires me to sit still, to enjoy the nice beach atmosphere, to soak up the sun. People of different ages love this superb season for all kinds of different reasons, there is so much beauty in this. Isn’t it so cool why people are so in love with Summer?

Children adore this sublime season because they finally get a nice break from school. I feel for them, school can be very hectic, especially these days. Kids cannot wait to play their favorite sports, to enjoy cherished time with friends, to go on vacation with their family, to visit their grandparents and so forth. It is almost like, children were made for summer and summer was made for children. I remember when I was a child, how I loved playing outside with my friends and how I loved taking long train rides to visit friends in another town. I still love to travel by train in the summer, to see the wonderful scenery of nature and all its magnificence.

Summer is wonderful because it is the season to really have a true brake from everything.

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