Blossoming Time!

Earth is so full of grace when trees, flowers, life start blooming. There is a delicate essence in the air when so much life wakes up, when so much life starts anew. One of the reasons that I love this time of the year so much, is because of the magnificent colors. When life comes back to life during Spring, life’s colors are more vivid, more strong, more intense, quite meaningful.

Aren’t you so happy that Spring happens every year? The beginning of this brilliantly colorful season is impeccable, out of this world though in this world, here for us to enjoy, to take in, to prosper from. By everything blossoming and blooming so freely, we feel like we have a fresh start with life.

During the start of Spring, is when most people clean their homes thoroughly, this is for a very astounding reason; by cleaning out the things that we do not need in our life anymore, we make room for new, great things to come into our life. As Earth starts blossoming again, so do we.    

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