“Out of the city, into the garden!”

Don’t we all want to have our own haven, to get away from time to time from our very busy lifestyles? I sure do! As far as I am concerned Anja has it made over there by the Eastern Sea in stunning, fascinating, surprising Germany.


Just look at this amazing, prosperous scenery, Anja has it made, she is living the fabulous life a lot of people only dream of. ( You can definitely have your own haven if you truly want to…anything, absolutely anything is possible. Anja’s haven is a perfect example that anything, absolutely everything is possible and achievable, also..within reach.)

A garden is such an amazing place; there are great trees, flowers, fruits, vegetables, little critters all around.  When a person has their own garden, they are in total bliss, especially if they are a nature enthusiast like Anja and myself. So much pureness and inspiration is found in a garden. In marvelous nature like this, a writer, composer can write astonishing work, an artist can paint captivatingly, a dancer can create a splendid dance routine.

One can even meditate for hours and hours and be one with this powerful, peaceful, clean, meaningful, magnificent scenery. The possibilities are endless when we have the chance to be, to create, to live in such glorious, fresh, nourishing nature….









Wow, What Gorgeous Apples!

There is absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing ( because I really know having lived in the mountain region when I was a young child ), like apples that are grown right in your own backyard or in this case, in your own garden. Only by looking at these photographs we can see what a difference, what nutritious apples these are and why? Well, simply because when we grow our own food right where we live, the food that WE GROW becomes infused with our love, with our kindness.

Plus, the food that we eat from our garden becomes for us, grows for us and our family members and friends. It is remarkably priceless to grow the food that we ingest, the food that we feed our body, it is immensely essential for our overall great health, it is immensely essential. We cannot afford to not eat whole food. We have a right as humans to have access to the food that makes us feel great, nourished, strong, alive. Earth provides us with great, natural food. This planet appreciates us, it welcomes us to be the best that we can be and more….


Anja’s View

»MyGarden is placed three and a half hours away by train or car. Near the Baltic Sea. It is always exciting to go there and it feels like starting a trip in holidays. For me, there is no way to long to enjoy my wonderful flower-garden. Full of natural energy from the wild lawn, old apple trees and sweet-sour tasting blackberries and currants for making marmalade. My little kitchen house is like a retreat for mediation, yoga and simple living. To be there gives me sun, energy and balance for my exciting grow in the world!«

»MeinGarten ist dreieinhalb Stunden per Bahn oder Auto entfernt. In der Nähe der Ostsee. Es ist immer wieder aufregend dorthin zu fahren und fühlt sich jedes mal nach Urlaub an. Für mich ist kein Weg zu weit, diesen wunderbaren Blumengarten zu genießen. Prall voll mit natürlicher Energie aus den Wiesen, alten Apfelbäumen und süß-sauer schmeckenden Brombeeren und Johannisbeeren für Marmelade. Meine Laube ist ein Rückzugsort für Mediation, Yoga und Einfachheit. Dort zu sein, schenkt mir Sonne, Energie und Balance für mein aufregendes Weiterkommen in der Welt! «

For more, visit MyGarden.


Our Haven

Isn’t it is so great to have a retreat to go to and to just be, to simply enjoy this precious life? Remember, anything is possible, you too can have your own majestic haven out in nature, where the Earth welcomes you to dance with it.

A garden is a blissful sanctuary, there really are no true words to describe the essence of a precious garden. You are precious, a garden is precious, nature’s critters are precious. In nature we connect, we truly, wonderfully, meaningfully take the time to connect with life.

It amazes me how wonderful and remarkable having one’s own garden is, it is astounding, a gateway to empowerment, to well being, to really being.

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