Happy Earth Day!

Awesome, Magnificent, Cool Earth Day How cool is it that there is a whole day dedicated to this amazing planet? I love it! The way I see it, the whole year should be Earth Day….everyday, we need to do something awesome for our home planet. We can say “thank you” to Earth for being here … More Happy Earth Day!


Colors of The Rainbow It is so cool how many colors rainbows have. It is also so amazing how rainbows appear all of a sudden, they stay for a short period of time unlike the sun, the moon, the stars. I have just recently began to be fascinated with rainbows, I honestly did not care … More Rainbows

Inspiring Hues

Colors Galore Color is so very inspiring. Color never stops, it inspires us throughout our life. There are so many different colors, like there are so many different people. There could very well may be as many different colors as there are people. Can we really count color? I believe that there are more colors than can … More Inspiring Hues