Welcome to Earth’s Wonderful Hues!

Earth’s Wonderful Hues is about hues, colors that inspire, colors that motivate, colors that we find wonderful, about how Earth’s hues inspire us in general. There are so many colors on Earth for us to enjoy and admire. Colors are everywhere, in our everyday life, life is profoundly colorful. There is a lot to discover about Earth’s hues, the hues of its lovely animals, the hues of its fashion, art and the hues of its people. It is time to see what Earth really does for us, all four seasons of the year. It is time to appreciate Earth like never before. Why, you ask? Because Earth is our home and it appreciates us by giving us magnificent scenery that strengthens our senses gracefully.

Earth is here for us and we are here for Earth.

I love Michael’s Earth Song. It’s just great….for once, I have no words, makes one really think.

My Story


From the very beginning of my life, I was very close to nature. I grew up in Romanian’s strong, bold mountains and valleys. Even then, I loved connecting with the Earth in a profound way, I could feel Earth’s heart nurturing me, guiding me.

I grew up without my mother and I strongly believe that it made me understand Earth in a pure way. I felt from a very young age to be ONE with our home planet. I naturally felt to gravitate towards Earth and to take the time to understand this glorious planet. I understand that this planet is here for us, here for us to explore, here for us to experience, here for us to grow. Since Earth takes care of us so much, we must take care of it as well.

Now, I live in New York City and I strongly believe that because I live here, I was very much inspired to put together a website for Earth. I believe that I had to experience the city life to truly appreciate Earth’s nature. I always felt that the city life was not for me, my thoughts have changed a little bit on this. I feel that even the city is becoming more and more natural, more and more earthy; more trees are being planted, more environmentally friendly cars are being driven, more people are riding bikes instead of driving, etc. Things are improving but we can always do more.

There has to be a balance we can achieve, a balance where Earth and its people, its animals, its creations are all appreciated, tremendously. This planet we live on appreciates us so much, it strengthens us on a very profound level, every day.

Earth is here for us and we are here for Earth.

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