Interview with Tara Marie, from Westchester County, NY, America, Earth

Tara really moved me and I hope that she inspires you to cherish our home planet, even more.

: “Tara, how do you feel about, Earth?”


: “Hahaha! It’s why I’m traveling….because I need to be with nature for awhile. When I was a little girl, I had the opportunity to go to a two week stay at what was called “The Fresh Air Fund”. It was a program for inner-city youth, who wouldn’t otherwise be able to stay on farms or visit nature. I learned how to shoot a bow and arrow, climbed hay bales and ate the freshest, most delicious organic food. The people who hosted me were the kindest people. After that brief experience, I knew the city life wasn’t for me.

We spend so much of our time indoors, that we forget that we were once nomads, foraging for food. The medicine men are practically non-existent. We were once able to commune with nature: now, we fear the wilderness and even people who choose to live close to nature.

I read a book once, called Sastun: My Apprenticeship with a Maya Healer. A female doctor traveled to Belize and learned the ways of this one medicine man. Well into his 90’s, he was vibrant and alive. She went on a pilgramage with him in the Belize forest. When she asked him how he knew which plants were poisonous, he said that he asked them. He said mankind was once able to do this, but due to our overly industrialized society, we have forgotten. He was a curador (healer) and said he was chosen because of his ability to see and speak to nature. This book discusses how he healed many, from all things, including diabetes, which I have had since age 13.

I believe that we will not survive (or rather, thrive) as a species until we learn to integrate and clean up our modern society. We have to learn to integrate both or Mama Earth will evict us from this planet. That is what I believe is happening. The earth is cleansing itself of toxins and we are seeing evidence of this in the form of strange weather patterns, etc.

It’s why I’ve decided after many personal struggles to travel to local farms and learn the ways of sustainability. Many do not understand, but as an empathic and sensitive person, I feel called by mother earth to make a change. Our planet is a sentient being and we must respect the signs she is sending us to change. The time is now. Its up to us to decide how we will grow and how we will learn to love our earth and all of its inhabitants.”

It is Albert Einstein who said….”Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”


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