Interview with Lauren Dickinson, from Dallas, Texas, America, Earth

Lauren makes some really great points. She has a lot of insight, very inspiring and motivational.


:”Lauren, how do you feel about, Earth?”


:”We are living in some very interesting times right now. No matter what turmoil, chaos, and struggle we see on our planet right now, it’s humbling to remind myself and others that we chose this time, this place; our souls incarnated to this day and age to help facilitate the evolution of the planet. It is important to be impassioned, empathetic, and lovingly heart-centered, now more than ever, and we face the challenges we collectively are experiencing so that we may experience the Golden Age to which we are returning.

According to some, the souls that have incarnated now are the ones whom also were given a body to inhabit during the most previous Golden Age of Atlantis, and this is our chance and karma to make things right after the fall of Atlantis…whatever those reasons may have been. It is exceedingly important to remember our Divine inheritance, and from the Source from which we came, in order to navigate these challenging times. We are on the brink of either another great fall of our civilization, or a monumental resurgence or renaissance if you will, that will give rise to monumental change and catapult us into the 5th Dimension and New Age.

We each in our own right have the power to help the Earth and steer its course in either direction. That responsibility we hold within in our own heart. We have the power, and duty, to quite literally, as the great Gandhi so eloquently spoke it, be the change we wish to see in the world. We have the power in our own hearts and minds and in each and every moment, and fiber of our being, to choose love over hatred, compassion over indifference to suffering, empathy over ego, and peace over violence. The choice is ours to make, and ours alone. What we can do to help Earth and each other:

We cannot blame a failing society for its ills when we are the society. We can no longer have the luxury of blaming our parents, our upbringing, our culture, our world, for our inability to evolve; we are all of those things, for we are the world. We must become increasingly aware of our part in the bigger whole, and while it may seem like small parcel, it is an energetic and vibratory necessity that we wake up to our Divine inheritance and see, with all our eyes and faculties, the unnecessary suffering we are inflicting upon ourselves, each other, and our planet. As each of us wakes up, we energetically help the planet to awaken, and thereby consciousness grows and spreads like a beautiful web of interconnectedness. This is our duty, to be good human beings. We must each do what great or little we can, and that in itself, is enough to break our hearts open and free our minds to the mental slavery of negativity. As we heal, we aid in the collective healing of humanity, and there is no greater responsibility to the human birth we have been humbly blessed with.


:”How are you inspired to respect, our home planet?”


:”As a product of suffering, and bearing witness to it throughout all of creation, I choose to consciously and to the best of my ability, be a bearer of love and remind others that we each are here as a spark of the Divine Love, our Source. I practice a spiritual lifestyle that abides by a vegetarian diet, so as to never increase the suffering of all life on Earth and be removed from the cyclical karma of death and suffering. I am inspired by the healing power of Nature and Source, and the further removed we are from both, the more pain and suffering we experience. It is time for humanity to return to our heritage, and I do believe we will see monumental strides in bringing peace to the world, for in the macrocosm is found the microcosm, and we can heal the world, from the inside out.

I am a Holistic Health, Authentic Living, and Metaphysical Life Coach, helping clients in my private practice ( Be You Soul Coaching ), to rediscover their Soul Purpose and most authentic Self. I am also in training in Alphabiotics, a bioenergetic, hands-on process that re-aligns us with our Source energy.”

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