Interview with Helen Eltis, from US Virgin Islands, America, Earth

Helen’s story is rather unique and significant.

:”Helen, how do you feel about, Earth? How were you inspired to respect, our home planet?”


:”I am going to begin by sharing the most profound experience of my life. I was fortunate enough to be invited to join the circle with a Shaman from Peru, in which we took the ancient medicine from the rain forest, AYAUASCA. This medicine allowed me to journey into another dimension, I call it divine. There I realized our oneness and in this place I felt the connection to the earth. The night of the ceremony there was great sadness as it coincided with the earthquake in Fukushima.

I know how every thing affects everything and I am so saddened at how man has treated this sacred home we call earth. It has since been on my mind and I know that we need to wake up and do everything in our power to clear up the mess. Planting hemp everywhere is a way to tackle the radiation. It is imperative that we take up this practice throughout the planet. During the ceremony I was made aware that each of us is responsible and will suffer the consequences of our collective ignorance. I’m optimistic that we can change our ways, more people are waking up in this way. I pray that we change our ways.”


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