Interview with Arna Baartz, from Northern Rivers, Australia, Earth

Arna’s view of Earth is, incredible.

:”Arna, how do you feel about, Earth?”


:”How do I feel about Earth? : I feel as though the Earth and I are one creature. I feel that we are actually little pieces of Earth but we think we are separate. But then, I think we are stars and air and energy! I am excited to be able to play earthly individual games on earth, even though we are just one swirling colourful sparkly rainbow!”


:”Do you think people could do more, for the Earth?”


:”Do I think people could do more for the Earth? : Of course we could always ‘do’ more to keep the earth we live on cleaner and more healthy but I think the doing starts within. I really believe if we took the time to understand and teach of our connection to all that is, we would start to develop the emotional intelligence necessary to make more positive choices for our own little individual lives. That would naturally radiate outwards, manifesting into choices and action that benefit the Earth, and the whole universe. I think if we worried less and loved more we would get a better result than worrying as much as we do. I think self-love and emotional intelligence development is the natural , easy key to BIG CHANGE!”


:”Would you like to let us know about, your Earthy Art?”


:”My Earthy Art, The Art of Kundalini : Everything I see inspires me to paint, I feel so connected to all of it, in a way all my works are self-portraits! I am exploring my connection to all that is through the colours and the lines, the images that occur to me. I really like the works where I was able to let go into the moment… the present moment is what fascinates me and provides the clarity to see my oneness with everything. I do pour myself into my art, it is filled with energy that I am happy to share with others.”


:”How were you inspired to respect, Earth?”


:”Earth And Respect : As well as my art I have created The I AM Program.    The I AM Program is a world of arts connected emotional intelligence resources designed to help children and adults remember their connection to the universe, to the earth, to the deeper and most beautiful intuitive self. This is my contribution to helping others and myself understand and respect the Earth. I do believe that if we could become fascinated by our connection with all that is, we would feel a desire to love things more and then positivity will flow in many forms.”


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