Interview with Elaine Leeming, from Johannesburg, South Africa, Earth

Wow, Elaine really hit the mark, clearly.

:”Elaine, how do you feel about, Earth? How are you inspired to respect, our home planet?”


:”During my life’s’ journey I have come to view the Earth from a few viewpoints: – Often I liken it to a spacecraft speeding through space – we could be one of those bars in a scene from Star Wars, or DS9 etc., but instead of Klingons, Mubari or Bayjourians, we are Black, White, Red and Yellow. All with different facial features and cultures, like the characters from different planets! There are countries with people who could be likened to the Borg who “assimilate” people to do their bidding. Others like the Planet Riser, mentioned in Star Trek series, who are filled with Love and Peace (Dalai Lama). We are a “Mötley crew” on this beautiful planet we call Home.

Another view of mine is that Earth is God’s Pharmacy – all the necessary ingredients for any and all diseases and ailments, are to be found on the planet in natural form. Greedy corporations, founded by greedy people saw the opportunity of telling the rest of us that only they will provide us with so called cures (most of which make us even sicker) and we are “not allowed” to venture off that path – a bit like The Matrix really! Some companies are also trying to tell us what we can and can’t eat! Being a natural rebel, I tend to turn my back on them nowadays and do, eat and grow, exactly what I like!

Spiritually, Earth is Mother Nature, or Gaia (Who is an Archangel), she has had enough of our wars, fracking, drilling etc for our own personal gain – hence an abundance of earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and other life threatening disasters. We, as custodians of the planet at this moment in time, need to help her heal – take better care of our oceans, stop throwing litter on the ground (which is prevalent in South Africa), there are dustbins provided for litter in most places, if not then take your rubbish home and put it in your own dustbin. I would love to see plastic banned, because of the harm it does nature. Some mornings I get my husband to give me a lift up the road so that I can walk back home for the exercise, I take a bag with me to pick up litter along the way – there is so much of it that I have to be ‘picky’ as to what I pick up! Paper and cardboard are, at least, biodegradable – plastic, cold drink cans, styrofoam containers are not. Sometimes I take two bags, and in the 20 minutes it takes me to walk home they are chockablock full. Disgusting! Poor Gaia can’t breathe with all this nonsense around.

It would be great to see more solar and wind generated power around – coming from a country that can’t maintain it’s electricity for the population, we need more natural energy! What greater way, in sunny South Africa, than to utilize what we all have – the sun! Petrol and Diesel should be banned too, the fumes are also harmful to us.

Trees provide oxygen! Why are they constantly being cut down without being replenished? Some countries do, ie Canada, but others don’t. I believe that there is a guy in South America who is buying up the Rain Forest in order to maintain it – what a Blessing he is.

I would so love for us, as a united planet, return to more natural ways in almost everything we touch. There, however, are some amazing technological and medicinal advancements that should be kept; but in whatever way we look upon the Earth, it is our home! We must, and need, to look after it with Love and Care so that she may go on for another million years, at least, providing not only for the human inhabitants but also the animals, birds, fish etc., it is not our right to destroy everything on it. Don’t let me get started on the animals! Yes! They do have feelings!”

“Home is where you feel at home and are treated well.” – Dalai Lama



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