The Sacred Language of Trees


Glorious Book!!

I give it an a++++

Yes….Let us return to The Sacred Language of Trees….

This book by amazing A.T. Mann ( what a cool name he has, no? ) is glorious!! It’s a phenomenal, incredible book. There is so much information in this 194 page book, it is beyond incredible…..

A.T. Mann really touched me with his view of the amazing, incredible trees that support this ( still strong ) Earth of which we have the privilege to live on.


What I Have Learned From This Magnificent Book

There are so many, so many different, supportive trees on this planet, like there are people. ( There is no way, no chance that anyone can tell me that they do not feel a connection to trees, it is impossible. ) As humans, we really have to look at our connection with Earth and its astounding trees.

There are The Ancient Willow Trees, The Fertility Trees, Oak Trees, Pine Trees, The Ancient Aswattha Tree, you name it…. ( there is even a tree in the book that when we look at it we can see that it is shaped like a human hand…now isn’t this interesting?) We are beyond, beyond connected to trees. we really are ONE with the trees. We are so ONE with the trees, that we must empower the trees, like they empower us. It is really very simple…what happens to the trees, happens to us.






How A.T. Mann Inspired Me

A.T. Mann’s words have really inspired me to really look at trees through a new, profound lens. Trees have such a big impact on our overall health, so to show my appreciation to the wonderful trees in my life, I have put together a little poem, titled, Wonderful Trees….


You are delicate




Wonderful beings of nature

Wonderful beings of this planet


You cherish us profoundly

We honor you profoundly


Thank you


Magnificent Trees


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