Bountiful, Earthy Life

What do I mean by an Earthy Life? The life that we live is full of possibilities, full of choices. We can choose to have a life that appreciates Earth’s nature. As people, we have drifted a significant amount away from nature, a lot of us live in big cities now and are accustomed to the “city life”, not really connecting with Earth in a way that is purposeful. It is so great, that as humans, we have so many choices, but we have to remember where we come from, we have to remember to appreciate our home planet. We cannot leave Earth on the back burner, Earth is here for us so much, it nourishes us so much, still. This planet is not giving up on us, yet.

In so many ways, Earth is being tortured and it brakes my heart. As a humanity, we have put so much weight on this planet; with the houses, cars, buildings we’ve built and continue to build every day, the materials that are needed to make them are so immensely heavy and as a consequence more and more sink holes are appearing all over the world. We are moving too fast, especially in the cities. We have to slow down and really think about life, how life is, it is not a scary thing to do if we come from a place of love. We need to live simpler, and living simpler does not mean living a boring life, it is crucial that we lessen Earth’s burden, until it’s burdens are extinguished once and for all. There is so much to discover about this lovely planet we live on, it can’t ever get boring.

I know that we can do it, I know that we have it in us to support Earth as it supports us. It is not going to be easy to adjust to a more earthy lifestyle like it also wasn’t easy to adjust to a city life. Nothing worthwhile, nothing meaningful can be easily achieved, but one by one, we can build a better, stronger, purposeful lifestyle for all of Earth’s inhabitants to prosper from.

One by one, we are capable of making Earth’s light shine brighter and brighter.

It’s Thomas Moore who said….”Earth is not a platform for human life. It’s a living being. We’re not on it, but part of it. It’s health is our health.”

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