Lady Bugs!



Ladybugs…they are so awesome. I love these marvelous creatures so much because they are so lively, so courageous.

Glorious Ladybugs

I was at the beach the other day ( awesome Rockaway beach in NYC ) and as I was sunbathing I saw an orangey, brownish looking ladybug walking across my beach towel. So I start talking to it as if this insect is such a wonder, such a joy to see, because it was. What is it about ladybugs that makes us feel so much joy? There are such amazing, glorious creatures.

760px-harmonia_axyridis01There are so many types of ladybugs, from the “Adalia bipunctata four spot”, “Cycloneda sanguinea,red”, “Abdomen beige”, “Coelophora inaequalis striped”, “Chilocorus stigma,abdomen black”, “Harmonia axyridis,fifteen”, “Adalia bipunctata,abdomen orange”, etc. Aren’t they phenomenal?

Wow, there are so many varieties and colors of ladybugs, like there are people. I feel that this is one of the reasons why we feel such a connection to a ladybug when we see one. It’s like we are part of their family, we are ONE with them. We are connected with the insect world whether we like it or not. Insects have a different view of life and I believe that we can learn a lot from them.

Ladybugs are Superior Creatures

Ladybugs are superior creatures, they want to visit us and say hi. I mean, it is so rare that a ladybug visits us on the beach, we have to be grateful when it does because they uplift us, they inspire us, they motivate us.

Back to my story…so when I finished taking a video of the ladybug ( which I posted for you to see above ), the ladybug kept tripping on the sand and turning upside down and I wanted to help the little lady to turn right side up but there was no need to because she opened her precious little wings and turned right side up all on her own. I wanted to share this with you because this happening was a great reminder to me ( and I hope to you too ) that even when we fall and tumble, we can pick ourselves right back up. We don’t always need the support of others, we are powerful enough to support ourselves when we need to.

This marvelous creature has taught me a very important lesson that day; We are all capable of miracles, we are capable of overcoming the most difficult situations that life brings to us. We are never alone, but we have the power to pick ourselves up when we need to.

Count on you! You are capable of anything, absolutely anything. Keep rocking!


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