Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!!!…Organic Coffee

Why do we need coffee first thing in the morning? Is it because it wakes us up from our grumpiness? Is it because it is full of healthy antioxidants? Is it because we can be more focused? Is it because it tastes so darn good? We adore coffee so much, it has become part of our daily routine. Some people drink two cups of coffee a day, others three cups, others four, coffee has taken over the world!

I remember being 21 years old and having my first cup of coffee, yes…I did not need coffee until I was 21. I do not know what happened to my brain all of a sudden that I had to just have coffee…I mean there are other form of caffeine like chocolate or candy…but something changed in my brain and coffee became part of my daily life.

Just so you know…I am having coffee as I am writing this article….hmmm coffee.

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“Coffee is the first beverage I drink when I wake up, I drink three cups of it so I am extremely glad that it is full of beneficial antioxidants.”                                                    – Emma, NY, USA, Earth

“What? Who? Where am I?…is what I think before having my first cup of java. Coffee does a good job of waking me up; I buy organic coffee beans, grind them, then add the grounded coffee to the coffee maker and then I have heaven in a cup or two.”                                                                                                                                          – Heather, US Virgin Islands, Earth

Well, if we are going to have coffee why not have the best and most nutritious coffee? From time to time I like to enjoy a cup or two of the amazing, astonishing organic coffee. (I wish I could have it daily, I trust I’ll be able to as some point.)       What we put in our body is SO important, very, very important, we cannot stress this enough.

I have conversations with people about coffee and they mention that from two cups of coffee a day they went to three cups, from three cups they went to four cups and then to stronger coffee and so forth….it is because of the busy lifestyle of today…there is a lot we have to do, sometimes it is unfair how much we have to do so of course we turn to coffee to support us.

Whatever we do in life, there is always a healthier, more beneficial way to do it and organic coffee is one of those healthier ways, we have options. Organic coffee is very good for us because it has the least chemicals and it is way better to also buy organic coffee beans and then grind them. Freshness and quality support our bodies and mind tremendously.                                  



I have observed that when people drink organic coffee instead of regular coffee they even feel more at peace because organic coffee is the purest coffee on the market. Pure = Calm

“I love coffee. of course, I believe I have been drinking coffee since I was 10, off and on. I am now 50 and I prefer to drink organic coffee because it is just better, it’s the only way to go if you ask me. I usually buy my coffee from amazon…Cafe Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee Medium-Dark Roast Whole Bean, Subtle Earth Organic, 2 Pound is one of my favorites, it’s really rich in flavor and I find that by drinking organic coffee I only need a cup of it a few days a week and I know it’s not because just of my age. I agree with Xandra 1000%, organic coffee is the real deal.”                              
– Mary, from Arizona, USA, Earth


Important Fact: By drinking the amazing organic coffee we do not have to worry about the jitters that regular coffee so often causes. When one drinks organic coffee…one feels great with just a cup or two of it because it is whole, together, full of flavor that gives you a gentle kick…unlike regular coffee.


The Color Factor: Coffee is a rather dark brown color of sorts, it’s definitely an earthy color, a root color, an established color, (it’s here to stay). So, it is only natural that we feel more grounded and at peace when we have this invigorating beverage. It makes us feel part of Earth, one with the Earth’s roots so that we can be a better us, a stronger us, a more vital and courageous us.


What are your thoughts on this splendid beverage called, coffee?



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