Natural, Organic Make-up!


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It is wonderful Eartha Kitt who said…”BEAUTY is not something to be dressed up. The GODS have done that. So keep it SIMPLE and let it shine all on its own.”

Cool Make-up!

Wow, you do not know how happy I am that whole make-up exists! I mean, why wouldn’t we want to wear make-up that empowers us, that let’s us express ourselves, that adds color to our life while at the same time not doing tons of damage to our skin? We all want to stay, look and feel young and fresh, but of course we do not want to destroy our skin while doing so.

What is the point of make-up? For me and for a lot of people I am sure, it is that we want to add a pop of color to our face to make us in a way artistic, to showcase that feminine side of us. Since the beginning of time people, women and men all over the world have been wearing make-up, especially when they had a festival to celebrate their culture, their life. Make-up has always been and is definitely part of our celebration of life; when it is our birthday, when we go to a gathering of any sorts, an event, graduation, baby shower, we wear make-up.

If we want and like to wear make-up to be more festive, then we have the option to put the ingredients on our precious skin that do the least damage. Many of us, including myself, have so many skin irritations and allergies to many make-up brands, and as you may know, the irritations happen because we are not supposed to put just whatever on our sensitive skin. We have to be mindful that there is a way to wear the colorful make-up that we love while at the same time caring for our natural skin.

Important Point:

Because our skin is natural we also have to coat it with the most natural ingredients that we can find. It only makes sense to do so, are you open to using the natural make-up that Earth has to offer you?

We really do not have to suffer for beauty, and remember that beauty always comes from within, make-up is just for adding a pop of color to your celebration of life.

100 Percent Pure

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