The Wonderful Green

Green Rocks! There is so much wonderful green all around us. I love the color green so much, it has such an amazing energy. Have you thought about this? Have you really thought about green?     When you go out in nature, in the forest to relax, to breathe, the color green is also there. … More The Wonderful Green

Lady Bugs!

Ladybugs…they are so awesome. I love these marvelous creatures so much because they are so lively, so courageous. Glorious Ladybugs I was at the beach the other day ( awesome Rockaway beach in NYC ) and as I was sunbathing I saw an orangey, brownish looking ladybug walking across my beach towel. So I start … More Lady Bugs!

l’eau, la terre

Originally posted on Silver Poetry:
Please take a moment to visit a major poetic talent : Read Between The Minds ~  river gold eye to eye creating fish ripples my palms and heart spread like wet silk desert inspiration transformation everything l’eau, le terre ~ ThankYOU so much for reading, sharing or even donating…

Eyes Galore!!

Wonderful, Impeccable Eyes…. Eyes are amazing!! I love eyes so much….they are full of pureness, clarity, understanding, compassion, joy and they have such lovely colors! There are so many amazing eye colors; lights and darks of blue, green, brown, hazel. I wonder if more eye colors will come to surface, wouldn’t it be so terrific … More Eyes Galore!!


Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!!!…Organic Coffee Why do we need coffee first thing in the morning? Is it because it wakes us up from our grumpiness? Is it because it is full of healthy antioxidants? Is it because we can be more focused? Is it because it tastes so darn good? We adore coffee so much, it … More Coffee!!!

The Braid

  Braids Are So Cool! Since I was a young girl, I was very fond of braids. One of the main reasons why I like braids is because they have such an original, bold style to them. Braids make a great, strong statement. People from all over the world love this styling of the hair, … More The Braid